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Everything You Need to Know About Online Art Therapy

Online art therapy involves using virtual artworks to treat psychological or mental illnesses and improve one’s mental health. Online art therapy is based on the idea that healing and wellness can spring from creative expression.
For centuries, humans have depended on artworks for communication, expression, and even healing. Online art is merely art in a virtual format, and it’s therapeutic. So plug in your headsets for online classes and enjoy your art therapy sessions. Despite the ancient reference to art, art therapy is a …

The Intricacies of Cannabis and Art Therapy Together

Michael Buchert is mental health counselor and licensed art therapist. He is a graduate professor and a cannabis grower who is also savvy for infused baking. He also recommed to check this CBD oil here for further details.
With Michael’s help, the impacts of cannabis were exhibited through one art-making session involving five adults high on cannabis. CBD Oil in Canada is a good alternative.
In the session, the participants spent thirty minutes decorating a mandela circle using the following art medium: colored pencils, oil pastels…

Making Your own T-shirt Art for Anxiety Relief

Art has become part of our daily activities, including clothing. Using art, you can make exciting designs on your custom T-shirts. While the art will make you look smart and classy, it will also help you release the anxiety you might be experiencing. This is associated with good health of the mind as well as overall personal health.
In this article, we’ll help you create your own design from photographs, magazine clippings, as well as from a wide variety of design options you want.

Printing paper…

How Art Therapy Helped Me Cope with the Loss of my Father

My world changed on September 15, 2014. I just had breakfast in my apartment when my mom called to tell me my father is gone.
My dad was the greatest man I’ve ever known. He just knew how to fix everything, including my mistakes when I was younger. No one could ever get near him when he’s mad, but otherwise, he’s the kindest, most generous man in the world.
A month after the funeral, my mother and I were still on the grieving process. A friend of mine reached out and told me about art therapy. I’ve minored in Psychology when I was in college, so I know this can facilitate grieving.
Without a doubt, I asked my …

Art Therapy and Mindfulness

You have been surrounded by a lot of distractions and stressors lately. Life has never been busier now that the world is moving fast, chasing endless possibilities. As a result, you have been living in autopilot, mindlessly going through your daily routine to keep up with the world. And then one time, you finally caught a break and realized that although you can connect to the world, you can’t connect to your thoughts and emotions.
People have been realizing this; they’ve been looking for ways to reconnect with themselves. It’s ironic how the technology that brings us close to others encourages us to be closer to ourselves …

How to De-Stress Effectively

We often hear people throwing around the word “stress” nowadays that it has been accepted as something mundane— a normal feeling people have. The problem seems to be the lowering of our tolerance to stress over time. Nowadays, we feel stressed over the things we used to simply shrug off.
The lowering of our stress tolerance is influenced by a lot of factors, and tolerance levels vary from one person to another. Regardless, we would adapt better if we know how to de-stress.
What is stress anyway and how can we deal with it?
Stress is a body’s reaction to any changes, demands, or tension that require …