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5 Ways that Vaping Can Help Enhance Your Artistic Flow

Vaping as a lifestyle choice has intertwined with various aspects of culture, including art. While it’s essential to approach this topic with an understanding of the health implications and personal responsibilities associated with vaping, many artists have shared anecdotal evidence on how it has helped enhance their artistic flow. For further exploration on this subject, click here.
Here are 5 ways they describe vaping as beneficial to their creative process.
1. Boosting Concentration
Many artists say that vaping helps them focus. …

The Intricacies of Cannabis and Art Therapy

Michael Buchert is mental health counsellor and licensed art therapist. He is a graduate professor and a cannabis grower who is also savvy in infused baking. He also recommends to check this CBD oil here for further details.
With Michael’s help, the impacts of cannabis were exhibited through one art-making session involving five adults high on cannabis. CBD Oil in Canada is a good alternative.
In the session, the participants spent thirty minutes decorating a mandala circle using the following art medium: coloured pencils, oil pastels, and markers.

Ways Cannabis Can Boost Your Creativity

Cannabis and creativity go well together. Since their connection is good, cannabis has been used by many people to create art. That’s why it’s not surprising that many people use delta 8 disposable to make them feel more inspired and creative. Continue reading to better understand how cannabis can help with your creative processes and how it can be utilized in art therapy.
How Does Cannabis Help with Your Creativity?
Your perceptions and thinking can be changed by cannabis. So, it allows you to view your work with more open-mindedness which results …

The Role of Cannabis in Art Therapy in the Future

It is not new anymore that some artists use cannabis to enhance their performance in the arts, whether it be performing or visual arts. Artists claim that cannabis, such as budpop’s delta 8 carts, helps them enhance their creativity and stimulate their expressive prowess.
Some medical practitioners agree with this because studies show that cannabis affects the region of the brain linked to creativity. The frontal lobe, or frontal cortex, is known as the center of creativity.
Consuming CBD increases cerebral blood flow, and when a cannabis compound reaches the frontal lobe…

The Power of Art Therapy When Dealing With Homesickness

Being away from home is never easy. The farther away you are, the more difficult it is. Nostalgia can, in some individuals, cause emotional, behavioral, and cognitive abnormalities. In other words, in particular cases, it can have disastrous consequences on one’s psyche. And while missing your home is to be expected and even considered normal to some extent, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should keep nurturing nostalgic thoughts. With that said, this article discusses the topic of dealing with homesickness. Spoiler alert – it includes the use of none other but…

How to Make Cool Vape Art

Vape art is the latest trend in the vaping community. It’s a great way to show your creative side and customize your vape experience. You can make vape art with a variety of different techniques, and there are no rules-just have fun with it!
Different Types of Vape Art
Vape Photography
Vape photography is the art of taking pictures of vape clouds. It can be done with a variety of different techniques, and there are no rules-just have fun with it! Some people even use vape art to create portraits or landscapes. Vaping has quickly become a …

The Pros and Cons of Digital Art

With the advance in technology, digital art has become more realistic and lifelike than ever before. Digital artists are able to create pieces that are both stunning and unique. However, there are also some drawbacks to digital art
What Is Digital Art and How Is It Different From Traditional Art Forms?
Digital art is a form of art that uses digital technology to create pieces. It can be done on a computer or with digital tools such as a digital camera or scanner. Digital art is different from traditional art forms because it can be created and edited electronically. It can also be displayed online or in digital form.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Art Therapy

Online art therapy involves using virtual artworks to treat psychological or mental illnesses and improve one’s mental health. Online art therapy is based on the idea that healing and wellness can spring from creative expression.
Humans have depended on artworks for communication, expression, and even healing for centuries. Online art is merely art in a virtual format and is therapeutic. So plug in your headsets and enjoy your art therapy sessions. Despite the ancient reference to art, art therapy is a relatively young field, only gaining recognition as a formal program in the 1940s.
Medical practitioners observed that …

How Art Therapy Helped Me Cope with the Loss of my Father

My world changed on September 15, 2014. I just had breakfast in my apartment when my mom called to tell me my father is gone.
My dad was the greatest man I’ve ever known. He just knew how to fix everything, including my mistakes when I was younger. No one could ever get near him when he’s mad, but otherwise, he’s the kindest, most generous man in the world.
A month after the funeral, my mother and I were still on the grieving process. A friend of mine reached out and told me about art therapy. I’ve minored in Psychology when I was in college, so I know this can facilitate grieving.
Without a doubt, I asked my …

Art Therapy and Mindfulness

You have been surrounded by a lot of distractions and stressors lately. Life has never been busier now that the world is moving fast, chasing endless possibilities. As a result, you have been living in autopilot, mindlessly going through your daily routine to keep up with the world. And then one time, you finally caught a break and realized that although you can connect to the world, you can’t connect to your thoughts and emotions.
People have been realizing this; they’ve been looking for ways to reconnect with themselves. It’s ironic how the technology that brings us close to others encourages us to be closer to ourselves …