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A blank piece of paper that represents art therapy that could prove beneficial to people dealing with homesickness

Being away from home is never easy. The farther away you are, the more difficult it is. Nostalgia can, in some individuals, cause emotional, behavioral, and cognitive abnormalities. In other words, in particular cases, it can have disastrous consequences on one’s psyche. And while missing your home is to be expected and even considered normal to some extent, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should keep nurturing nostalgic thoughts. With that said, this article discusses the topic of dealing with homesickness. Spoiler alert – it includes the use of none other but art therapy.

What Is Art Therapy?

Just as its name suggests, art therapy is a type of therapy that uses various forms of art as ”healing methods.” For hundreds of years, if not thousands, people have used art to escape their everyday lives. Considering the stated, it’s only natural that they would also use it to heal their emotional wounds.

Research suggests that people suffering from conditions like chronic anxiety, depression, ADHD, and autism tend to show improvement after engaging in art therapy. Creative work has also proven to work exceptionally well on people who have recently lost their loved ones and those who have experienced trauma or have gone through a difficult period in life.

Sudden life changes, such as moving, are bound to leave scars (at least for the time being). Relocating from one province to another requires physical preparation and mental preparation. And while you can hire experts to simplify the process of moving, aka professional movers, it’s also advisable that you seek the advice of an art therapist in the meantime. They can help you cope with the aftermath – in this case, homesickness – before it fully settles in.

How Long Has Art Therapy Been a Thing?

For as long as people have lived, art and art therapy have been a part of their normalcy. The last 60 years or so, however, have been its golden age. For the past half-century, numerous studies have been conducted, and nowadays, we have the knowledge that our ancestors could only dream of having. With that in mind, we could say the art of creative therapy has been perfected to the tiniest bit.

It’s important to note that, while every one of us is, in a way, capable of self-practicing specific methods of this therapy, that fact should in no way diminish the value of licensed art therapists. It takes years of education, a Master’s, and in some instances, even a Doctor’s degree for one to be able to call themselves that. Furthermore, there are various approaches to creative therapy that only those with absolute knowledge of it can carry out efficiently.

How Can Art Therapy Help Those Dealing With Homesickness?

Being away from the place you’ve always called home tends to cause quite a turmoil in people’s minds. Having just moved, you would love nothing but to feel straight at home in the new surroundings. Unfortunately, the reality is often different.

To make adjusting easier, Centennial Moving recommends you take things slowly. And while they, experts who helped numerous people move home, have the absolute right to say so, we also suggest you turn to art therapy. There are no side effects to it, just straight benefits. So, without further ado, let’s see how this newly perfected form of treatment can help people dealing with homesickness.

It Helps People Rediscover

It’s common to feel utterly lost once you’ve stepped foot into a new place (into the unknown). Luckily, creating artwork can help you find yourself again, or perhaps, even help you learn something new about yourself. For instance, you might soon realize that you have a hidden talent you never knew you had. And all that thanks to the art therapy to which you’ve decided to dedicate your time.

A paint brush submerged in paint.
When dealing with homesickness, one cannot help but feel lost. Art therapy can help you find yourself again.

Feeling blue for a prolonged time can diminish your sense of confidence. Well, no more! Let’s turn over a new leaf and allow art to boost your self-esteem. Knowing fully well that you can create something unique should be enough to make you appreciate yourself. And the more self-appreciative you are, the more confident and radiant you will appear!

It Can Be a Great Release

You cannot expect negative emotions to keep on accumulating forever. They are bound to come out sooner or later in a grand release that will ultimately help you feel better. It’s precisely art therapy that can provide that emotional release when one is needed. For instance, if painting is your thing, you could transfer everything you feel onto a piece of paper. It’s all the same with writing, dancing, and numerous other art forms. And though it might seem unimaginable, some of the best artworks have originated precisely from these moments of ”emotional release.” So, what are you waiting for? Turn that homesickness into a masterpiece!

Art Relieves Stress

Stress is a byproduct of relocation and, as such, tends to accompany nostalgia. However, once you’ve begun engaging in art therapy, stress will be no more! Creating art allows individuals to relax and if only for a minute, forget about their everyday problems. Of course, the purpose of art therapy isn’t to throw the problems under the rug. It’s meant to help one overcome them! Which, you’ll notice, it does.

Does Art Therapy Help, or Is It Just a Myth?

Art therapy is anything but a myth! Many studies have backed its positive effects on one’s psyche. It’s particularly helpful when dealing with homesickness. Of course, it isn’t a miracle drug, and, depending on the severity of nostalgia, it might take some time to notice it working. Nevertheless, you, undoubtedly, will.

Meta description: Dealing with homesickness isn’t easy. Thankfully, art therapy is powerful enough to help individuals overcome nostalgia!

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