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The Intricacy of Art Therapy and Cannabis

The use of CBD cream for pain in art therapy is known to have significant relationships. While the therapy process involves the assisted liberation of the clients in terms of their relationship to themselves and others, integrating cannabis into the process helps ease the liberation through the encouragement of self-expression by the patient.
However, some intricacies kept the therapists hesitant to use cannabis products, like CBD oil or capsules, to apply art therapy. To understand the reason behind this hesitancy, continue reading this …

The Intricacies of Cannabis and Art Therapy Together

Michael Buchert is mental health counselor and licensed art therapist. He is a graduate professor and a cannabis grower who is also savvy for infused baking. He also recommed to check this CBD oil herefor further details.
With Michael’s help, the impacts of cannabis were exhibited through one art-making session involving five adults high on cannabis.
In the session, the participants spent thirty minutes decorating a mandela circle using the following art medium: colored pencils, oil pastels, and markers.
Difference Between Their Artworks
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