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Everything You Need to Know About Online Art Therapy

Online art therapy involves using virtual artworks to treat psychological or mental illnesses and improve one’s mental health. Online art therapy is based on the idea that healing and wellness can spring from creative expression.
Humans have depended on artworks for communication, expression, and even healing for centuries. Online art is merely art in a virtual format and is therapeutic. So plug in your headsets and enjoy your art therapy sessions. Despite the ancient reference to art, art therapy is a relatively young field, only gaining recognition as a formal program in the 1940s.
Medical practitioners observed that …

The Intricacies of Cannabis and Art Therapy

Michael Buchert is mental health counsellor and licensed art therapist. He is a graduate professor and a cannabis grower who is also savvy in infused baking. He also recommends to check this CBD oil here for further details.
With Michael’s help, the impacts of cannabis were exhibited through one art-making session involving five adults high on cannabis. CBD Oil in Canada is a good alternative.
In the session, the participants spent thirty minutes decorating a mandala circle using the following art medium: coloured pencils, oil pastels, and markers.