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Toronto, Canada

How Art Therapy Helped Me Cope with the Loss of my Father

My world changed on September 15, 2014. I just had breakfast in my apartment when my mom called to tell me my father is gone.
My dad was the greatest man I’ve ever known. He just knew how to fix everything, including my mistakes when I was younger. No one could ever get near him when he’s mad, but otherwise, he’s the kindest, most generous man in the world.
A month after the funeral, my mother and I were still on the grieving process. A friend of mine reached out and told me about art therapy. I’ve minored in Psychology when I was in college, so I know this can facilitate grieving.
Without a doubt, I asked my …

Art Therapy and Mindfulness

You have been surrounded by a lot of distractions and stressors lately. Life has never been busier now that the world is moving fast, chasing endless possibilities. As a result, you have been living in autopilot, mindlessly going through your daily routine to keep up with the world. And then one time, you finally caught a break and realized that although you can connect to the world, you can’t connect to your thoughts and emotions.
People have been realizing this; they’ve been looking for ways to reconnect with themselves. It’s ironic how the technology that brings us close to others encourages us to be closer to ourselves …