Current Activities

The Artmob content management system (CMS) was originally developed as a suite of Drupal5 software modules for digital archiving. However, this version of Drupal is no longer maintained by the Drupal development community.

The creators of Artmob are currently working to reproduce the functionality provided by the legacy Drupal5 modules and redeploy the system as a solution pack for theĀ Islandora digital archiving platform. This approach will minimize the customization layer needed to provide specialized functionality and reduce the overhead needed to maintain and update it by leveraging the core functionality provided by Islandora.

Islandora offers several key advantages for the redevelopment of the Artmob suite of fair dealing tools. While Islandora also leverages the power and flexibility of Drupal, it does so by integrating it with Fedora digital repository technology for digital storage and preservation, and Solr search technology for indexing and exposing metadata for enhanced discoverability. By minimizing the customization layer the Artmob toolset will achieve greater long-term stability and maintenance within a specialized community dedicated to developing open source digital archiving technology.